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Work With a Qualified Spider Exterminator in San Mateo, CA

If you’re dealing with a spider infestation, it’s time to call a spider exterminator. At Pacific Pest Management, we can help you with all of your spider pest control needs in San Mateo, CA. Our goal is to help you rest easy, knowing that professionals are taking care of your spider infestation.


We have over 17 years in the pest control industry and bring sustainable and safe practices for spider species and humans. Trust us to help you maintain your property’s cleanliness and keep your loved ones, clients, or employees safe from dangerous spiders.

Take Action on Your Spider Problem

Even though many spiders are harmless to humans, some varieties can put your safety at risk. Our spider exterminator uses effective strategies to remove spiders from properties. Our services stand out from the rest because they are fast-acting, ensuring you have a spider-free property in no time! We’ll thoroughly inspect your property to determine the extent of the spider infestation, and from there, we’ll create a sustainable strategy.

Request Your Spider Control Service

Get in touch with a trusted spider exterminator in San Marcos, CA, to eradicate spider colonies that inhabit your property. Our small and dedicated team will ensure the job is right the first time around. Once the job is completed, we’ll continue monitoring your property to ensure it stays spider-free for a long time.

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Dianna S
10/28/2020 - Google

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Yansu Ouyang
8/04/2020 - Google

Angel from Pacific Pest Management came by today to check on our wasp nest issue. He was very clear in... read more

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Anon Mouse
8/04/2020 - Google

We found cockroaches in our new rental house the day after moving in. The landlord sent out an exterminator... read more

Derek Yu Avatar
Derek Yu
8/04/2020 - Google

The team are professional. They came in for the pest in my house and it was cleared after the service!... read more

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